Our Services - Brokers Insurance
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Our Services

Learn about the services we provide
Medicare and Medicare advantage enrollment and consultation

Medicare was never meant to be a seniors sole source of retirement health insurance. It is important to plan for a supplemental coverage for gaps in original Medicare.

Prescription drug plans

Seniors need to protect themselves against the rising costs of prescription drugs. We can help you find a plan that matches your needs. Our experts will review your Medicare supplemental and drug coverage annually.

Long Term Care and Planning

Planning and preparing for possible long term care is a priority for most people as they approach retirement to help preserve their assets.  Average cost of a semi private room in 2016 was $6844.

Life Insurance and Final Expense planning

Most people lose their life insurance coverage as they reach retirement age. Proper life insurance planning will help in several areas. We offer a wide variety of plans.


Estate planning

We have experience dealing with everything from the most simple to the most sophisticated planning issues, and we can develop and assist with the implementation of an estate plan that protects your family and your assets upon your death or incapacity. In short, when you work with us, you will benefit from the expertise that can come only from long-term, concentrated experience. We can provide you with contact of a trusted licensed advisor to help you navigate your specific need in this area. Transferring an estate properly requires sound legal advice and a law firm that you can trust.

Financial planning and wealth management

Most retirees desire to maintain their life style through their retirement years. The number one concern for most retirees is out living their savings. Our professional staff will help you develop and maintain a plan to achieve your goals.


People should start their retirement income planning in their early years but it is never too late. We can help. Our licensed staff can help you develop solutions to fit your life style and income needs.